You guys sick of wedding stuff yet?? Too bad. Here's more.

Ugh. So over each other.

Haha oh Russell you SLAY me.

That's passion. We for real love each other.

My loan sharks. They're really good guys.

Thanks to ESB and company and my mother-in-law, I decided to make a bouquet last minute.
It had coffee beans in it(those pink things). We met in a coffee shop. Cute, right?

GLITTAH IN ACTION. Borrowed salon magazines.

Gold cake. Door to sub space. Daniel Craig. Admiral Adama lost his cupcake. 

Tom Waits. Dan Savage. Poodle. Maria Bamford.


Stanley. My best skull. Our love sandwich. Russell's the one who took a bite.

In the bathroom.

Alley entrance. 

I'm a little ashamed of how much I loved having a bouquet. Can I carry one around all the time?

I take dancing very seriously.


I'll be Uma, you be John. 

I loved this guy.

Walking to the ceremony spot.

We put a sandwich together. You know...like when people pour sand together? Or light a candle?

Jon the majestic. 

Russell says I look like a lonely heroine here. Or that I'm lonely and on heroine. Not sure which. 
Kristopher Orr. You are a rock star. Thanks for not calling me a creepy weirdo to my face. You do lovely work. www.kristopherorr.com 


Meggie said...

Beautiful! I love them all.

east side bride said...

i am totally stealing bouquet photos and putting them on the blog.

Kirsty {a safe mooring} said...

Wow. These are seriously beautiful. And your captions crack me up.

Allyson said...

and these are ridiculously gorgeous.

congrats on such a happy day!

Kristopher Orr said...

So I'm a little late to the game. Just saw these...a year later. Still awesome. You guys were seriously the best. I'm going to see what other blog post I can comment on.