More wedding photos without order or reason.

Play Latin music.

Insta photos that Kristopher took and glitter skulls that happened to already be there! It's like the hair salon KNOWS me.

So hip.

Baby Ward. Cool baby. 


Tomegranate said...

Great pics and a great wedding. Congratulations again!

In case you were wondering, that last photo depicts Russell's bewilderment as I callously proclaim "I never loved you!"

Allison J Brown said...

wow! those insta photos are great.
And I love love your wedding dress. I know what it is like to have a problematic wedding dress at first by the way.. (I couldn't move my arms the day before the wedding!) Glad you were able to figure it out. PS I love all of our common ground.

Holly said...

Thanks Tom. You sure know how to devastate my dude. Russell would like me to add that you are an asshole.

Allison. I just think you are the best. Lets complain about wedding dresses the next time we're together.