I ate ALL the cupcakes.

This is a tour of our new apartment. I love this apartment. I want to make out with this apartment. There are also some wedding project stops along the way on this tour.
The first week in our new place. We were hobo kings on the living room floor.
How tall are those ceilings? So tall.

 For some reason the whole time I was working on these, I heard ,
 "Yes Holly. Yes. More glittah. Good girl. More. MORE."
It sounded remarkably like Julia's voice...

THE board game shelf. 

This is our closet.
Have you ever read House of Leaves?
Do you understand why I don't sleep well?

This is the Harry Potter closet within the closet.
NOW do you understand why I don't sleep well??

Look at how swanky we are with a dining room. 

I'm just going to go ahead and say that yes, these are the most amazing wedding candle holders ever. 



wool and misc said...

AWESOME HOME! I love how you're camping out in the living room. I'm also very jealous of your gas stove.

Forgive me, but...the quantity of board games in your home lead me to deduce that you're Mormon or was raised Mormon.

H & R WEDDING said...
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Holly said...

Superb sleuthing!!
Oddly enough his love of board games has very little to do with his being raised Mormon(he isn't anymore) and a lot more to do with him being a gigantic nerd who loves a good 8 hour sit down to create a galactic empire.

wool and misc said...

Oh, right. I didn't look closely at the *TITLES* of the games :)


Julia said...

THE GLITTAH!!!!!!1111

Cara said...

Popped over from ESB -- looove those letters. These are exactly what-I-was-thinking-and-didn't-even-know-it when I was thinking of letters/numbers for a photoshoot I'm doing with some girlfriends (I was thinking 30 or 29+)! Now if only my project could look more like yours and less why-did-she-let-a-glue-bottle-explode-on-her... (any helpful hints?)

Holly said...

Hi Cara! The only hint I can think of would be to use mod podge and paint it on with a brush. That stuff is MAGIC.

Holly said...

@Wooly- You're right. If Apples to Apples were on that shelf...

heather said...

I'm so jealous of all your cool cabinetry hardware. That apartment is adorable and I want to live there.

Tonia said...

Great place! Good luck settling in! My husband and I moved to our new place the same week we got back from our honeymoon. It was a whirlwind but so much fun, too. :)

Kayla Porter said...

It's so beautiful, Holly.