Russell applied for a job in Minnesota. His dream job.
You know what isn't in Minnesota? My mom.
I'm pretty sure they don't have electricity in Minnesota. Right?
Is there alcohol in Minnesota? What about ducks?
This is in Minnesota.

Are there girls?
So, Minnesota. Tell me about yourself. I am a great skeptic of other states. 


Tonia said...

ok. here's the thing. everyone who lives on a coast thinks that the middle of this country (namely WI and MN) is just a "fly over zone"- not worth visiting, or LIVING IN, god-forbid. those of us who DO live in these middle states are JUST FINE with you all going on with this assumption. more room for all of us if you're not here! but since you might be moving here, i will let you in on a huge-ass secret: it fucking rocks here. MN and WI are tits. i have been to almost every state, and a lot of other countries, and my husband and i could have moved anywhere we wanted because we are self-employed...and we chose northern MN for about four years and now just recently moved to northern WI. and we couldn't imagine living anywhere else. people are friendly (i mean like, go way out of their way to make your day), there are no poisonous bugs or critters, it's beautiful, there's....ok i can't list off all the great things. you should just come visit and find out. :)

Holly said...

YES! Tonia, this is exactly what I need. Set me straight!

Tonia said...

Do you play hockey, Holly? Well, you do if you move to MN! There is a community rink in basically every neighborhood, and you will likely find a co-ed team of friendly folks playing there on Sunday nights in the winter. Don't worry, all ability levels are welcome- even the "never skated before in my life" level. It's the funnest thing ever, so just trust me (a complete stranger! But there is no such thing as strangers in MN! Everyone's friends!) and buy some used skates and a $5 stick. The best thing that ever happened to me and my husband- as far as our relationship goes- is hockey. We get all our frustration out on the ice, so we never fight! If you think you're not a cold-weather person, hockey really help pass the winter months. :)

Anne said...

Tonia, Minnesota is indeed the tits.

- Lakes. Lots of them. Three major ones located IN the city.
- The highest number of Fortune 500 companies per capita. So, um, we have smart people and JOBS.
- A pretty damn impressive art and theater scene. (See: Guthrie, Walker, MIA, etc)
- A bunch of Norwegians, which means people are overwhelmingly kind but also not interested in getting into your business

This place is awesome, depite being motherless.

allison said...

minnesota rocks! you will love it!!! that is all.