Charming Things:
1. Disneyland can still excite and overstimulate me to the point of no return. It is 6:40 in the morning(please take note that I am rarely RARELY up before noon in my daily life). I woke quietly and without any help from alarms, got dressed and I am now waiting duteously for Russell to stir so that I may POUNCE LIKE A CHRISTMAS EVE BABY AND GET HIS ASS OUT OF BED. DISNEYLAND DISNEYLAND!!
2. Upon arriving at our hotel five hours early (I was excited and overstimulated) I discovered this hotel had mirrors configured so that I may see the entirety of my backside body. I consequently spent the next hour pinching my back-of-thigh fat and Russell had to drag me away to eat(WE FOUND DELIVERY VEGAN PIZZA AND I WOULD MOVE HERE IF THE "MOUNTAINS" OF ORANGE COUNTY DIDN'T COMPLETELY UNDERWHELM ME. Mountains should be consistently treacherous looking, craggy, rocky and surround you on all sides like a group hug.). 
3. I am nothing if not a delicate recluse that struggles to cope with the outdoors in the sunlight. My skin is a dewy pale spectacle that I am constantly applauded for and I intend to keep it that way. I promise you that when my generation reaches a riper age, my over-sunned peers will look like a 70 year old Forever 21 bag and I will look like a glowing spectral goddess. So what do I do to reconcile my need for Disneyland and also my need for total sun avoidance? Light layers. That cover my whole body. And enough spray suntan lotion to kill anyone with a weaker constitution.

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