1. Wedding
-I am now in possession of my mom's star trek diamond. It's shiny and special.
-The venue is most likely going to be this hair salon where future brother-in-law and family lawyer, Jesse, gets his hair done. So many good things about this venue:
-There is a mounted bear. SOOOO CUTE!
-The DJ can go right between the big hair dryers and they will look like spacey black orbs.
-It's cheap.
- I can get my hair and make-up done RIGHT THERE.
-The entrance is in an alley...it feels awesome.
-There is a bath tub in the bathroom
-The old wood floors smell old, also they are creaky.
-The whole place smells like shampoo and fancy hair. PRETTY!
-We've decided the playlist will include the following songs.
1. Hanging on the Telephone-Blondie
2. By Your Side-Beachwood Sparks
3. The book of Love-Magnetic Fields
4. Ashes to Ashes- Mr. David Bowie
5. Odessa-Caribou
(It's a work in progress. These things take time. Ohyouknow.)
- THIS is my dress (except it will be green). Shoes are TBD.
-Our ceremony will indeed involve us making a sandwich (it's a metaphor you guys.)
-I feel I should tell you that you will not be able to just come to our reception, give us a hug, grab a bonbon and leave. I will be dancing and making out with Russell, so you'll have to stay a while. Grab a glow stick. Dance like a crazy toddler (bounce bounce ARM FLAIL) with me. Ok?
2. Russell and I are going to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disneyland makes me quiver with excitement like a little tiny girl.
Me and Mickey are gonna be BEST FRIENDS! I'm gonna get mouse ears and ride Indiana Jones and Tower of Terror 300 times and eat a frozen banana and see a yeti!


east side bride said...

i don't even know where to start.

Holly said...

Oh man, I hope that is a good thing.

emmaroberts said...

Will people be getting perms while the wedding is going on?

Kayla Porter said...

I cannot wait.

I have a crush on you guys. So adorable.