Julia (via text): What would be a cool/funny/way cool and funny theme for a gender reveal party?
(Julia is pregnant.)
Me: Bake something gender-y in a cake and make everyone eat it until they find the thing!
Julia: I'll make it a bacon and anchovies cake! It will be huge!!
Me: Serve penis or vagina shaped pasta!
Julia: Do they have vagina pasta?
Me: I don't know. Just use elbow or something with a hole in it. Lauren suggests a pie eating contest. I think she just wants pie.
Julia: She is so selfish! This is about ME and MAH BABAY.
Me: Dye your hair the appropriate color!!
Julia: Maybe I'll take a picture of Sloan's penis and my vagina and post the picture around the house according to what it is!
Me: Winner!
Me: Genital shaped foods!
Me: Lauren says play gender themed music.
Lauren: Like..."Hey guuuuurl"
Me: Peh heh hehe. You know songs that go..."hey guuuurl"?!
Julia: Girls just wanna have fun!
Julia: Lets hear it for the boy!
Lauren: Pin the genitals on the baby!!
Me: WHOA. We are working on a whole 'nother level.
Julia: Oh Jesus.
Me: Genital shaped cookies!
Lauren: Do they have vagina cookie cutters?
Me: You could totally just freehand a vagina.


Julia said...

More importantly, why did Lauren get the good picture and I got the not-so-good (but still pretty good for me) picture?

annelise said...

Pin the genitals on the baby. Oh so wrong but oh so right.

Holly said...

I'm pretty sure you got the best picture, Jewels. So MISCHIEVOUS!

It is so terribly terribly right.