I'm on a rampage.

Russell and I are going to get married.
No, I'm not pregnant, we just like the idea of having the same last name and the tax stuff sounds nice (I know next to nothing about taxes BORING) and um, you know.
So, we got all emotional and decided that marriage would be cool, I mean,
Nix is a super great last name and all. And, uh, then there was a ring 3 sizes too big and a car
and an XX song and then there was some family and a walmart parking lot (um) and then
there was a fight about Courtney Love and Katy Perry...and here we are.
I have read a lot of wedding blogs in my day and watched a lot of Whose Wedding is it Anyway, and Lord KNOWS I love me some Cake boss, so i'm all, I got this guys, I GOT THIS.
But I don't got it.
Weddings suck, am I right? I kinda hate them. The ceremony itself? Nice. Say nice things, make a pb&j and feed it to each other, bang some drums, throw some stuff in the air HOORAY DONE! But there's all this FAMILY STUFF and I have to look PRETTY and NOT SPILL BURRITO ON MYSELF. HARD!!!
Lucky for me, I have ESB. I'm sure I'll be hampering her inbox soon with panicked 5:00 am questions like, "so, steampunk weddingggg...is yeah? My fiancé wants play board games instead dancing, cool?"
and she'll be like "um...no, dummy."


wool and misc said...


and congrats!!!

shay and nick* said...

i am sad I feel like you changed, but I still love you lots. come back soon

Anonymous said...

haha that was pretty great. esb actually did find me hot wedding shoes. good luck!

Ranix said...

I like you no as you are and as you will be. That's why I'm marrying you.

Kayla Porter said...


Seriously hit me up if I can do anything to help.. I could even try my hand at wedding invites.

I'm sure you've seen these sites, but these are my favorite wedding blogs.

Mary Massacre said...

Kayla, you're the best.
I actually had you in mind for invites. Not even kidding.

Kayla Porter said...

LET'S TALK!!!!!!!!!