I dislike 77% of the wedding head wear out there and another 20% wouldn't look right on me.
I'm in a very vulnerable and volatile state and I do not trust my judgement.
I'm looking at you Julia and Woolgathering. Too cutesy? Am I a dummy?


Julia said...

With your angelic face and if you keep the bangs, it's a go.

Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

I LOVE this! I love the head band and the natural look, it's totally you. Do whatever feels right to you, it's your show and you're in charge! :)

wool and misc said...

a little too cutesy (for moi), but also depends on your dress.

i'm also a fan of no headwear (even though i had a crazy cheap veil--but that doesn't coun't because i was too young and didn't know better). why does everyone feel the need to wear something on their heads?

wool and misc said...

ps. my wedding was kind of a lampoon on weddings

Mary Massacre said...

Julia: Angelic=fat? I promise the bangs will never go anywhere. I have a giant forehead.

I want something to distract from my sucky hair. Maybe I'll just work on my hair instead. There's part of me that wants to go full on cathedral veil because I'M A BRIDE DAMNIT! Know what I mean? With this? http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/101311

Wooly: I remember your wedding photos! The blow up penis!!
I don't know why I want something on my head. I can't explain. Is it a primal instinct? Maybe I really don't and society is pressuring me into it.

Anonymous said...

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