We've really taken a shine to breaking things around the house.
The following things have suffered:
-The blender
-The French press
-The coffee pot
I am not one to believe that things just happen willy nilly. Everything is connected and important and all that! I feel I can safely assume that the following messages are trying to be sent:
-Coffee is bad
-Getting a dog would really just fix everything
-Being awake in the morning to go to work and school is really unnecessary. We will all marry rich and leave these petty worries behind
-Too many smoothies will make you fat/lumpy!
-Blending every soup base just makes the soups too smooth (don't be afraid of a chunky soup guys)
-Sending Jon to the store to buy a new coffee pot will allow him to meet his soul mate
- We will all get into a car accident together, everyone will be fine except for me, but because a shard of glass from the blender got mysteriously logged in my wrist, I won't lose to much blood and live *{MIRACLES HAPPEN}*

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