My favorites in no particular order:
Episode 9 and 13 are my favorites.
Kind of like The Moth, but the stories are allowed to be grittier(dirtier).
-You Look Nice Today, A Journal of Emotional Hygiene
Lonely sandwich.
-Savage Love
Dan Savage!!!
-Jordan, Jesse, GO!
American's radio sweetheart and boy detective.
-A Life Well Wasted
I feel bad Robert Ashley doesn't post more...like personally offended.
-The Tobolowsky Files
Stephen Tobolowsky is incredibly endearing. His stories are well told and interesting. Episode 26 is my favorite.


Kayla Porter said...

Thank you for introducing me to Risk, I'm loving it. I think I listened to about 5 hours of it at work yesterday.

Mary Massacre said...

YES! It has caused me to add quite a few books to my amazon wishlist.

east side bride said...

if you like You Look Nice Today (WHY DON'T THEY DO IT MORE OFTEN?) and Savage Love, I trust you implicitly.

ever listen to Uhh Yeah Dude?

Mary Massacre said...

I know, right? I try to get by on twitter updates from hotdogsladies and scottsimpson.

Yes ma'am.