My reservations about public bathrooms and the solutions I have proposed to my brain.

1. Pee will most likely be sprinkled on the seat.
- It will act as a kind of glue when I put the management provided paper seat protector down!
2. People will hear me pee.
- They love it. They wouldn't be in there if they didn't.
3. I will hear myself pee.
- Plug ears and hum softly.
4. I will hear others pee.
-Imagine tiny waterfalls!!
5. People will see me peeing through the cracks in the stalls.
- If I keep my knees shut and casually pose in the elbow to knee, fist to chin *deep thinker* position, they will assume I am there, not to dispose of bodily waste, but to think quality thoughts about current issues.
6. Two people might be having a conversation while both in stalls, peeing.
- Leave. Leave the bathroom, wash hands, and cry.

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Brittanee Lee said...

hahahaha so proud. and that's a fine list i might add.