1. Chewing ice cubes.
2. When people on bicycles use hand signals.
3. Cold bananas.
4. Driving through really big puddles.
5. Train noises.
6. Riding in the shopping cart.
7. Whispering unnecessarily.
8. Watching people try to walk normally in ski boots.
9. Nicknames.
10. Petting other people's dogs.
11. Seeing the cute chubby chickens walk around the front yard I always pass.
12. King Duck Smurfenstein The Black.
13. Cleaning.
14. Biting pen caps until they are no longer usable.
15. Making up songs about everything.
16. Mixing cereals.
17. Lying about yourself to strangers.
18. Being complimented on how you smell.
19. Rescuing bugs instead of killing them.
20. Peeing after holding it for a long time.
21. Drinking really cold water while sitting in a really hot bath.
22. Slow dancing in the kitchen.
23. Sticky eyeball.
24. Free t-shirts.
25. Blanket nests.
26. Alan Rickman.
27. New toothbrushes.
28. Sleeping like hobo kings.


wool and misc said...

i really really really like your list.

shay and nick* said...

i am laughing so hard at this visual I just got of a man trying to walk normally in ski boots... reminds me of you me and laddy eatin cold pizza at solitude.... :)

Allison J Brown said...

Alan Rickman! yes!